Notre Dame upsets 8th-ranked Kentucky

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Irish fans cheered as Notre Dame took down the 8th-best college basketball team in the country.

The Fighting Irish beat Kentucky 64-50; leaving many fans hopeful of what's next.

"The way they're playing now, they're going to get nothing but better," Jim Manwaring, a Notre Dame basketball fan, said.

The Wildcats got off to an early lead, but couldn't keep the momentum going.

"They kept Kentucky from their game plan," said Brendan Kelly, a Kentucky basketball fan."

Zack Erby, another Kentucky basketball fan, was disapointed by his team's effort on Thursday night.

"They needed to start hitting some shots, and play a little defense," said Erby. "Notre Dame is shooting lights out basketball."

Notre Dame got back in it with some key shots inside the paint and never looked back.

The Irish are almost unbeatable at home.

In the last six years, they've only lost seven times.

"I told my wife, 'Boy, I'm afraid the Irish might get beat tonight,'" said Manwaring. "But so far, so good. I think they're looking great."

Thursday's victory gives the Irish 41 wins over the last 42 home games.


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