Notre Dame Women's Basketball wins big against Lafayette, 96-42

NOW: Notre Dame Women’s Basketball wins big against Lafayette, 96-42

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The Irish did everything you expected them to do against a 4-4 opponent, unranked Lafayette Leopards.

Notre Dame made 57% of their shots, had double the rebounds (48), and assist (19), more blocks (7), and steals (12). The only thing head coach Niele Ivey and her team didn’t do was score 100 points. However, the 96 came at the hands of only eight players.

"We had great balance. Everyone scored, everyone that was healthy got in the game and scored. So, a lot of balance from our starters," Ivey said.

The starting five scored 71 points, led by freshman Hannah Hidalgo with 26 points.

"I'm not surprised at all I think I know what god has blessed me with and so it's, it's a lot easier when I have teammates like the ones that i do it makes the game just so much easier," Hidalgo added.

"I mean, Hannah's pretty consistent with leaving us in scoring. But a lot of people in double figures a lot," teammate Kylee Watson said.

Scoring hasn’t been an issue, even with players not available. That’s all part of the strategy Ivey puts into play.

"Just have to be smart. We are really big on recovery. So, they know like sometimes I have to give them two days off in a row. Everything is purposeful and intentional in the way that we are right now with our low numbers," Ivey mentioned.

After the impressive numbers the ladies put up tonight, the fourth-year head coach described the performance with one word.

"I will say dominance. I felt like we were dominant from the beginning to the end. And I thought we did a really good job of executing and staying on the game plan, some things that I would work on," Ivey added.

I'm always big on turnovers you know, so like limiting we had 14 turnovers today last game versus Tennessee, we had seven so just trying to make sure that we valued possessions," Ivey said.

The Irish only have three more games in this month, including a two more home games. The next matchup not until December 17 against Purdue.

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