A first look at Brandon Wimbush at Notre Dame's fall camp

Fans and the media have been looking forward to Friday - Notre Dame's first day of fall camp at Culver Academies. A lot of people want to know about the progression of Brandon Wimbush.

During the beginning of the first practice, the quarterbacks looked rusty, but Wimbush improved throughout the day.

“Year 2 is a leap in confidence and seeing what my guys can do out there. Having that consistency. I think that is going to prove to be my biggest asset," Wimbush said.

Towards the end of practice he made some great throws.

“He did some really good things, some things he can build on. Especially out of the pocked throws he kept his posture up. He has built some of the things he wanted to work on. Physically screens well, throws on the move, it was a really good day for the quarterbacks," Coach Brian Kelly said.

Wimbush's teammates say Wimbush's confidence has grown.

“He’s more mature he’s more confident. He knows what he’s doing back there. He’s gone against some of the best defenses in the country and he will again this year," Sam Mustipher said.

“I just know his control in the offense and his ability to interact with Coach Long and his confidence has really, really improved," Alex Bars said.

Coach Kelly's 3 main objectives at camp are talent, skill development and team chemistry.

He told the guys after practice he wanted no headphones or hats, he wanted them communicating.

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