Now Hiring Michiana: Go all in on your career at Four Winds Casinos

Now Hiring Michiana: Go all in on your career at Four Winds Casinos

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Four Winds Casinos are expanding! Four Winds South Bend is adding hundreds of new games, a 23-story hotel, a spa, convention center with a ballroom and meeting space, a café, an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace….which calls for a lot of employees!

The expansion itself has created at least 700 new jobs in both construction and post-construction. Four Winds is currently hiring 400 positions across all locations!

There are so many different positions available, but I’m going to give you a look at two vital positions at Four Winds New Buffalo that keep the hotel running!

When you head into a hotel, the first thing you’re going to need is a key. And who holds the key? Who holds all the power? Well that’s the front desk agent!

Mayeth Hiatt is a front desk agent and has been with four winds for fifteen years. She started in housekeeping, nine months in, she started her current position.

In addition to checking guests in and out and scheduling dinner reservations, Hiatt learns a lot on the job.

“I learn a lot from the guests, every interaction from them," said Hiatt. “Every guest, they come in and I learn more. Working at the front, when I start, I don’t know anything about computers, but since I work here then I learn.”

If you’re a people person the front desk agent position might be a job for you. But if you roll solo, maybe housekeeping is more your style.

Erika Zamarripa has been a housekeeper at Four Winds for more than 11 years; she attributes her love for the job to the bonds she’s developed over the years with the staff--who she considers more than coworkers.

“And you come here, you work by yourself, usually the inspector--or supervisor. And we are family. They can come and help us, they can work with us," said Zamarripa. “This is my family. My second family, I can say it..I’m from Texas and all my family lives in Texas, so the only family I have here is my kids. That’s why I always call the girl next to me, Tracy, she’s my sister.”

Working at Four Winds is not just another job, it’s a career says Vice President of Human Resources, Torie Winchester.

“If you are looking for a career is really why I encourage you to come to Four Winds," said Winchester. "There are so many opportunities. We promote within. So, we look for opportunities to promote our employees. We grow them. We develop them.”

Four Winds grows and develops employees like Winchester who started at four winds fifteen years ago in a different department.

"I’m actually a day one employee. I started as a player’s club rep on the floor before I moved to human resources," said Winchester. "And I can tell you that it has been a life-changing experience for me to be at Four Winds. I have never worked for a company take so much interest in your growth and your development to prepare you for those future opportunities.”

In addition to growth opportunities--and a fun work environment four winds offers many additional benefits including, medical, dental, and vision benefits, employee assistance program, 401k company match and much more for employees. It offers competitive wages starting non-tipped employees at $15/hr and five per hour for tipped employees.

If you're interested in applying, head to Four Winds Casinos' website.

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