Officer faces disciplinary action after parking in handicapped parking space

GOSHEN, Ind. -- An officer faced disciplinary action after parking a police cruiser in a handicapped parking space this week.

A concerned citizen posted a picture of the cruiser in the handicapped parking space on social media.

The Goshen Police Department Administraion immediately looked into the incident when it was brought to their attention.

According to the Goshen PD, there was no legitimate emergency found to justify the action.

They said it is not acceptable for anyone to park in the handicapped parking spots without the proper placard or plates.

This includes first responders, except in rare cases of emergency.

The officer responsible was disciplined with a one day suspension.

Goshen PD have not released the name of the officer at this time.

Chief of Police Jose Miller said they are thankful for the community for bringing the issue to light.

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