Officer recovering after accident Saturday morning

LAKEVILLE, Ind. --- A Lakeville officer was in an accident near the intersection of US 31 and Quinn Trail.

Officer Jess E. Fisher pulled over the driver of a pick-up truck for a traffic violation but when the driver pulled away, the officer realized she forgot about another violation.

Fisher tried to pull over Dennis Glick again, Glick allegedly slammed on the brakes when the officer was getting close.

"We are handling this a bit differently.  We have our accident investigators and we are having tests done on both drivers to make sure there is nothing in the systems of either," ISP Master Trooper Kevin Kubsch said.

Fisher was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Glick told state police that he was having problems with his brakes. He also said that his brakes locked up.

State police are still investigating the crash and the truck's braking system.

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