Officers crack down on boating and drinking

 Many people may spend their weekend on the water during the summer months.

That could also include alcohol so law enforcement officers are at work to crack down on drinking while boating.

June 26-28 is designated as Operation Dry Water according to Nathan Penning, a Marine Deputy with Van Buren County Sheriff's Department.

“We're doing this to promote awareness of how alcohol affects boaters while they operate,” said Penning.

Under Michigan Law, it is legal to have alcohol in the boat and also operators can drink while boating; however their blood alcohol level content must not exceed .08%.

“We go through sobrieties [sic] with them and if they are over .08, they will be arrested,” he added.

Penning says it's all about keeping everyone safe.

“Be aware of their surroundings, be aware of other boaters, not every boater out there is an expert so we want to make sure everybody's safe,” Penning added.
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