Officials are seeking any information regarding alleged police impersonator

LAKE COUNTY, Ind. – The Indiana State Police released an update regarding an alleged police impersonator, saying that the suspect was in fact an officer with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

The officer in question said he saw an article in a newspaper and realized that he was the one who made the traffic stop.

State Police were able confirm that the man made the stop on I-65.

On July 8, an officer pulled over a female driver. The driver questioned the officer’s credentials due his aggressive behavior and his attire.

The woman went on to say that the officer’s “demeanor changed” when he realized that she was not alone.

There was a separate incident also involving an alleged police impersonator making a traffic stop that occurred on July 17. The officer in question denied that he took part in that traffic stop.

Questions regarding both incidents have yet to be resolved.

The Indiana State Police recommends that anyone with any information to contact the Portage Police Department.

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