Ohio family needs help battling major medical and home repair bills

Lissa Guyton

Toledo, Ohio -- An update to a story we've been following since last fall. Students and staff at a Toledo school came together to help one of their own, and now a local roofing company has joined the effort.

To say the Hodge family has gone through a lot lately is an understatement. The mother has battled cancer and one of her young daughters just underwent surgery. On top of all that, the family's house needs major repairs.

Teachers at L Hollingsworth School for the Talented and Gifted first reached out to us last fall with the story of 6-year-old Julian Hodge and his family. They were so impressed with the first grader, that when they heard what his family is going through they knew they had to do something to help.Others have now stepped in as well and they are hoping some of you can help too.

Adrena Hodge says her family's home in east Toledo needs major work, and it all starts with the roof, "We need a complete tear-off everything needs to be replaced."

Adrena and her husband William are know if the problem isn't fixed soon, repair costs will only grow. The biggest problem is in the bedroom their two-year old and six-month-old daughters share, "It's just a matter of time before we have very big problems with the house. I am scared for the next big storm. You don't know how much snow or rain will land on the roof."

Even their 6-year-old son Julian is aware of the big problems with his family home, "When the roof leaks it's bad. Water comes in like it's going to flood our house."

In addition to all the trouble with the house, Adrena says her family has faced multiple major medical issues, "It is difficult to ask for help, but when you finally hit the breaking point, you have to admit you need help."

Adrena says she has battled both cervical and ovarian cancer in the last few years.She is now in remission. Her 2-year-old daughter Bella is blind in one eye and just had surgery. All the bills quickly piled up, "It's a struggle, a really big struggle. The only thing we can do is keep our heads up and keep moving forward and hope and pray for the best."

When it comes to the roof, one estimate the family got showed it would take about $7,500 to fix it. They were able to raise enough money through a GoFundMe site But as it turned out that contractor's estimate was way below the actual cost.

The family then called 1-800 Hansons for help.Jason Small manages the Toledo office,"The roof is in bad shape. There is a leak up top and the ceiling is caving in, it is not safe. This house will have to be taken down to the framing and re-decked. So basically we will have to tear it all down and start from scratch."

The total cost is actually about $16,000. The family used some of the original GoFundMe donation money to pay medical bills. The remaining $4,000 was used as a deposit with 1-800 Hansons on the roof. The hope is to raise the rest in donations. Jason says the company will be chipping in as well, "If everybody can help just a little bit it will make a big difference. It doesn't have to be thousands of dollars. $1,$5,$10 donations all add up. This family really needs the help."

For all this help, Julian and his family are forever grateful, "What would you like to say Julian to the people who have helped your family? Thank you! Thank you so much!"

The roof that 1-800-Hansons is putting in has a life time guarantee, so if they are any future issues they will be covered. The Hodges still need to raise about $12,0000. Once the project gets underway it will take a day or two to finish. The hope is to make that happen as soon as possible.


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