One local South Bend restaurant prepares to re-open

NOW: One local South Bend restaurant prepares to re-open

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The Indiana Governor announced earlier today that the state is ready to re-open the economy. In the next coming weeks, restaurants will soon be opening up to allow customers back in.

Starting on May 11, businesses and restaurants in Indiana can re-open at a 50 percent capacity.

The owner of one local restaurant, Café Naverre in downtown South Bend, has been making some changes to his restaurant to follow new guidelines.

However, bar seating will remain closed.  Kurt Janowksy, the owner of Café Navarre, said the dining experience at restaurants is most likely to change moving forward.

Janowsky’s restaurant can seat around 185 people, but on May 11 that number will be cut in half to allow less than 90 customers inside.

Janowsky said once the restaurant opens to the public again, waiting on people will most likely change, especially at his restaurant.

People can expect waiters wearing masks; or, customers can opt out of having a waiter and instead write down their order on a piece of paper.

Janowksy said the dining tables will seat up to six people and each table will be six feet apart from each other to ensure social distancing.  He noted that there will be no gatherings in the waiting area.

“There will be no gathering in the waiting area. Guests will come in one table at a time and be seated,” Janowsky said. “There will be barriers between the hostess stand and the guest. We have many, many steps ready to put in place to keep guests safe.”

The restaurant will offer customers additional distancing options, and curbside pick-up will still be available.

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