Puerto Rican businessman says home is Third World country

SOUTH BEND, Ind.- 22 days have passed since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico and not only did it further devastate the island’s infrastructure, it’s continuing to put Puerto Ricans in harm’s way.

ABC57 exclusively facetimed Joey Short, an entrepreneur who does business in South Bend.

Short says things have improved since Maria hit, but there are some areas that have yet to be helped. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and says the lines of people waiting for fuel have dwindled, but issues caused by the aftermath are ongoing.

Short adds the devastation is taking a serious toll on his neighbors and there are days they feel like the government can still do more.

"That’s how we feel. We’re living in a Third Wold country and we’re U.S. citizens," he says. "Life changes in these 22 days. First days you’re desperate and anxious. When time goes by, you start thinking it’s not that it's  getting better; we’re getting used to it."

Short adds President Donald Trump’s trip to Puerto Rico wasn’t as eye opening as he thought it could have been.

"He was in my area. He didn’t really get a grasp of what’s going on," says Short. "I don’t think he saw anything. That’s why he said it didn’t look that bad."

The latest tweet from the president hinted that help cannot remain on the island forever. "None of us want this to last forever," says Short. "I wish this could be gone tomorrow, but the reality is that it’s going to take a long time. We need the help from FEMA. We need everyone’s help."

When asked Short says it seems like nothing is in favor of those who live in impoverished neighborhoods; and something must be done.

"I have to say that things are moving, but there are so many places that no help has arrived yet."

Short recently housed a family who, after 22 days of Hurricane Maria, have yet to see FEMA or any other form of government aid.

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