Optimism in the weather world...finally!

NOW: Optimism in the weather world...finally!


It has been nothing short of cold thus far in 2018, with March and April feeling more like the middle of winter as opposed to early spring. Every time temperatures have tried to warm up, they have fallen back down. Now, though, it looks as though we have reached a point where we will warm up and stay relatively mild. Of course, we have to finish out this week's cold stretch first. Once we get by Thursday's chilly 40s, the long-range forecast features a total of zero days below 50°. But it won't warm up overly fast, as we likely stay below average through next Monday, but temperatures beginning on Friday look to top out in the 50s.

Over the next 12 days (Apri 18-29) South Bend will likely see as many days in the 60s as 40s and 50s combined. Even better is the fact that there are no 30s in the forecast! And, for the first time in what seems like forever, we will likely string together multiple days above 60° next week! We are certainly overdue!

To keep the optimism train going, let's talk daylight. Today, April 17th, South Bend saw just under 13.5 hours of daylight. Fast-forward just two weeks to May 1st and much of Michiana will see over 14 hours of daylight! And, by June 1st we will be basking in 15 hours of total daylight as we head toward the beginning of summer!

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