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Orchards Mall narrowly avoids shutdown

NOW: Orchards Mall narrowly avoids shutdown

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich.—Orchards Mall narrowly avoided a shutdown on Tuesday.

According to the treasurer of Benton Charter Township, the mall was set to have their water disconnected if they did not pay a $7,767.31 bill by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The treasurer added that the mall owes the township $45, 958.17 for delinquent water and sewer bills.

Orchards Mall paid a portion of its outstanding water and sewer bill at 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday and avoided being shutdown.

If there is no water supplied to the mall, the Benton Charter Building Department will have to pull the mall's Certificate of Occupancy.

Ed Moore, manager of Orchards Mall, said that the mall is contesting the cost of the bills, arguing that the mall, which has under 25% occupancy, should not have water and sewage bills at that price.

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Mark 28 days ago
Its time to ease the handicapped parking regulations on brick and mortar business. On-line with delivery more than 1/2'ed the demand & made the 60's and 70's ordinances obsolete.
Mark 29 days ago
Get the phone and utility companies to collect bill payment at the mall (again) and malls will come back just as quick.
Mark Mark 28 days ago
" The 2 feet drive through" would be a one way, 1 lane, drive through window where the packages are no more than 2 ' by 2' in size. Someone could walk through. All the stores would have access to this low cost, mall owned/secured, service. The The bigger stuff probably would still need a walk in?
Mark Mark 28 days ago
The (2 feet drive through) pick up window would be in front of the mall and next to the street, with access to get right back on the road. No crowd or parking lot.
Mark Mark 28 days ago
A marijuana dispensary, with pay to stay tasting room, would make people wonder what might be going on at the mall today? A regular crowd and a base to visit.
Mark Mark 28 days ago
This would help bring is a restaurant. If they're stuck paying Benton Harbor sewer regardless, they better cater to someone that will use it.
Mark Mark 28 days ago
bring in a restaurant (not is)
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