Outgoing mayor discusses future of Niles

As Niles, Michigan welcomes its new mayor, Nick Shelton, the city’s longest-standing mayor reflects on his legacy.

25 years of service. 17 years as mayor. And lots of change for one city in Michigan.

“It’s certainly moved forward. I certainly think it’s become a better community to live in,” said former Niles Mayor Mike McCauslin.

That’s how Niles’ longest-standing mayor, Mike McCauslin, leaves the city after Tuesday’s election.

“So I don’t think I had a plan to leave a legacy behind, and that was never my intent. My intent was to do the best job I could representing the citizens and to do the best job I could leading the community,” said McCauslin.

And especially after a heated presidential campaign, McCauslin said he’s proud that his community bridges the divide.

“The great thing about politics in Niles is that we’re non partisan, so we don’t get into the democratic and republican squabbles,” he said.

As much as he says he loved serving the city, McCauslin said Niles needs a fresh face.

“I felt it was time for someone else. Another set of eyes, perhaps, Particularly in Nick Shelton’s case, new ideas,” said McCauslin.

Before he officially steps down Monday, he has some parting pieces of advice for the Nick Niles picked.

“It’s really just having that patience and understanding, desire to serve and a willingness to work with both our residents of our city and the city staff,” said the city’s mayor of 17 years.

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