Paczki day

Joan Golubski has spent her whole life in South Bend, but paczki day holds a special place in her heart because her mother and father were both born in Poland.  

She said she grew up in a Polish neighborhood.

"You went to church, you went to Catholic school and you went to visit friends and you went to the movies a lot," said Golubski.

And her upbringing was very similar to other children at that time.

"Well, you know you didn't really differentiate because all your neighbors were Polish so you were Polish too," said Golubski.

But now, over the course of many years, Golubski has seen the community change. Making her cherish her heritage and this once-a-year special treat.

"We have already had a couple of dozen at our house because my son loves paczki. It's just like coloring Easter eggs on the Saturday before Easter. Everybody does that. I've done it for years and years and I'm planning on doing it again this year," said Golubski.

And when it comes to paczki day she understands why non-Polish people are joining in.

"Oh, I think it's just fun. Everyone likes to eat and everybody likes paczki. So, everybody cooks paczki and paczki is everywhere."

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