Experts advice for proper ice fishing

NOW: Experts advice for proper ice fishing

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- Ice fishing, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, is growing in popularity.  After a record high of open water license requested over the summer, officials expect the trend to continue. However, with this winter’s warmer weather, it is more important than ever to take precautions.

Experts recommend to drill your own test hole near shore. This test should show at least 4 inches of ice. Always wear a life jacket for warmth and safety, and be aware of various ice strengths throughout the body of water. And of course, it is important that in order to fish that you do purchase a license.

Additionally, the Indiana DNR has a “where to fish in Indiana” map. The map is divided by public fishing sites whether that be by boat ramp, shoreline, carry down or canoe ramp. It also shows the depth of the water and what fish are included. ABC57 spoke with fisheries biologist, Tom Bacula, with the District 1 Department of Natural Resources to learn more.

You can find further information about ice fishing safety and how to purchase a license here.

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