Parents of hit and run victim petition to Governor Holcomb

NOW: Parents of hit and run victim petition to Governor Holcomb

ELKHART, Ind. --- Blaine Fisher's parents are calling out to Governor Holcomb for change after their son’s life was taken in a hit and run accident. The suspect who’s had a history of driving offenses has the family seeking the maximum sentence.

“You drive down the street and you feel something vibrating and that was my son’s body and that man could not have not known," said Jennifer Fisher, Blaine's mom.

Jennifer fisher is seeking change and it's been all she can think about after learning her son, 18 -year-old Blaine Fisher, was killed in a hit and run accident last Friday.

18 -year-old McKade Nielsen was also severely injured that night.

Police later arrested Ronnie Hapner in connection with the deadly crash.

“McKade can’t walk with two feet right now. His mom couldn’t leave the hospital because if she did COVID wouldn’t have allowed her to come back for the day. But, Ronnie Hapner if he can come up with the percentage for his bonds money he can go home," said Fisher.

According to court records, Hapner has been charged with driving on a suspended license several times in the past.

“We have to take a stand. A man does not have the right to admit guilt and take another person’s life and pay money to go home again and enjoy that freedom," said Fisher.

In a letter titled Justice for Blaine, Fisher’s parents plea for Hapner to receive the maximum sentence --- in hopes of keeping him off the road as long as possible.

The letter which has already been sent to Governor Holcomb as well as every Elkhart County Council member is just the start for the family who’s seeking justice for their son.

“And if I can’t get more than 14 1/2 years of justice for my son then the least they can do is give em all 14 1/2. My son deserved that," said Fisher.

If you're interested in donating to the family's GoFundMe to help cover Blaine’s funeral expenses you can do so here.

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