Picture Perfect Pekingese

Who wouldn't love to have a dog?

But could you imagine having 5? 

This is the reality for one Michiana family who took on that challenge with 5 pekingese dogs!

“They’re soft, they’re fluffy, they dig into your heart and into your soul," said Adam Brody the proud and loving owner of 5 pekingese dogs.

A chance is exactly what Brody and his wife, May, gave to not one, not two, but 5 peke dogs by rescuing them from shelters.

“Rescuing animals that are in need, we have a soft heart for that," said Brody.

So much so they adopted dogs from here in Michiana, North Carolina, and even Las Vegas.

”What started out as we only want a dog for me a little bit has turned into an obsession," said Brody.

An obsession Brody miced with his love for not only his dogs, but also for content creation.

“They’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well," said Brody.

You might recognize them by their handle, @Peketales which alone has over 4,500 followers.

“Peke short for Pekingese," said Brody. "And then tales, not like their tails but because I put words and speech bubbles and do memes I’m telling a story.”

But how do you create such a strong following?

“I keep on my phone a list of ideas that I can put in," said Brody.

For Brody though, it's not about the likes or shares.

“Selfishly, I do it for me. It gives me a creative outlet.The fact that there are people that seem to love our dogs as much as we do is fantastic," said Brody.

Creating daily meme's of the dogs lives has brought Brody even more opportunities to share his talents with others through online events like the Petscars.

“Whatever Oscar nominated film for that year you had to come up with a picture," said Brody.

Brody showcased his work for a year like 2018's Straight Outta Compton spoof followed with many more.

Coming up on the 3rd annual Petscars and the 8th year of having Peketales, the internet has come to love this new wave, meme form of storytelling.

But underneath the speech bubbles and editing magic, the central theme for Brody's creations has always been deeper.

“There are a lot of animals out there. That if you are looking for a pet look at rescues and shelters they have absolutely wonderful animals just waiting for a home," said Brody.

Brody has seen the struggle his own rescue dogs, like Huck, have faced and conquered.

“He has to break through his fear and his anxiety everyday to love us. And he does," sai Brody. "So if that's something that he can do, then we can do all of the extra things like converting a console television into a dog bed, make a gravy for their kibble, or buy them clothes and then sort them out. We do all of these things because we love them so much, because they enrich our lives."

Even then, the Brodys are not quite ready to add to the family again.

“My wife and I talked about possibly getting a 6th, but not at this time," said Brody.

You can follow these 5 peke's on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by typing in Peketales.

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