Pitt bull attacks horse

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- All dogs can be disobedient at times but not that many decide to take on a full-grown horse. A pitt bull got loose from its owners and left a family’s horses covered in lacerations and tears.

“Around two o’clock on Saturday we got a call from the owner of the horses actually saying that something had happened- there had been a dog that attacked," said Lisa Grove, Humane Society of Saint Joseph County.

Salty the horse is slowly recovering with the help of veterinarian visits. She has a huge gash on the right side of her face and bites along her front right leg, front left leg and rear right leg.  

The pitt bull is doing doggy time in quarantine at the Humane Society in Mishawaka because it's rabies shots were past due. State law requires the Humane Society to keep the dog for ten days—but its free to go home to its owner after the quarantine period.

“As far as the severity of the injuries and things like that our director has to look over that to determine," said Grove. "But if they do live in the city they do have to obtain a dangerous dog license before it can go home for a pitt bull.”

The owner of the pitt bull was not reached at the time of the story. 

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