Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter earns another term

PLYMOUTH, Ind.— Mayor Mark Senter has won another term as mayor of Plymouth. He defeated Democrat Josh Walker with 53% of the vote.

It was a close race. Senter just barely won with 809 to 724.

“Just a relief for not only me but a lot of other people in this room right now. It was a hard-fought campaign,” Senter said.

Senter said both candidates raised more money than any other mayor’s race in the history of Plymouth.

The race has been very clean, no slander and just a very friendly competition. It’s no doubt either candidate would’ve been a good choice.

In the end, Senter pulled out with 52.77% of the votes. Senter said he just wants to keep the momentum going.

“We still have housing issues,” he said. “Near west side needs to be fixed. It’s sort of a blighted area. I would love to see housing down there. We got some other factories that we’re looking at right now that are very close to signing in and so looking forward to that as well.”

On Thursday, they are actually going down to the Indiana Convention Center to be awarded community of the year.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Senter said he felt good but always runs his campaign as if he is 10 points behind.

Senter says that it’s his fourth election and believes that Plymouth has grown since 2008 when he was first elected.

“In the last 12 years, we’ve gotten a lot done. It’s not always been easy. It’s been a roller coaster ride,” Senter said.

Senter says that the city saw 250 more jobs this year and has more housing and jobs on the way. Two factories closed in 2017, which resulted in the loss of 250 jobs.

“I really want people to come into our community and be able to live here and not truck in from somewhere else,” Senter said.

Walker, an Army veteran, said earlier Tuesday he would not have run if he didn’t think he would win and wants to see more change.

“I bring a lot of different energy, ideas, and innovation to the table,” Walker said. “The last 10 or 12 years, like I said, Plymouth is headed in the right direction but we’re doing 35 miles on the interstate when we should be doing 65, 75.”

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The people who won Tuesday night are supposed to take office on January 1st.

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