Plymouth offers “PRIDE” card to residents without identification

Plymouth, Ind. – A soft launch for the new “PRIDE” card for the City of Plymouth was held on Friday at Plymouth High School and it presents residents with an alternative to obtaining identification.

PRIDE stands for Plymouth Resident Identification Endorsement and it is essentially a new form a city-based ID.

“The city of South Bend has a South Bend identification card within its city limits,” Juan Constantino with La Casa de Amistad said. “Goshen has the GRID card within its city limits, and now the city of Plymouth is now the third city in the state of Indiana to get what is known as a city identification card.”

Constantino affirms that the PRIDE card will benefit people who do not possess traditional forms of identification.

“Basically what the Pride Card will do within the city limits of Plymouth is allow you to identify yourself with city agencies such as the police and the fire department, to get your water bill started,” Constantino said. “But primarily, let’s say, I want to report a crime and I call you, the first thing a police officer asks you is ‘can you identify yourself?’ So it’s going to be a very basic form of identification but one that’s very crucial and in English!”

People who applied underwent a multi-step process:

  • First, applicants presented documents that verify their identity;
  • Next, they paid for the card;
  • Finally, they had their picture taken and their intake information verified.

The purpose of a PRIDE card is to allow people to perform their normal civic responsibilities which require identification.

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