Police called as man exposes self multiple times

SOUTH BEND, Ind., An investigation is underway after a man reportedly exposed himself multiple times at a business.

According to police they arrived to the manager yelling at the man to leave.

The manager said the man had been in the restroom for a long period of time and then came back out to check out the helmet collection.

That’s when the man reportedly would put a helmet over his head and look around the store multiple times.

The manager found this suspicious and thought the man was going to rob him. That’s when the manager started looking at the man for a gun, but instead found something disturbing.

The man had been lifting his shirt up and exposing his genitals outside of the pants.

The man told police he had just forgotten to zip up after using the restroom.  He was given a trespass notice.

The man was not arrested or charged with a crime so police have not released his identity.

This remains under investigation.

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