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Police chief reports percentage decrease in type one crimes, neighbors want action plan

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- People on the southeast side of South Bend raised concerns about reports of car break-ins, shootings, and home invasions on Tuesday night. 

District 5 Common Councilman Jake Teksha and leadership within the South Bend Police Department, including Chief Scott Ruszkowski, held a community meeting with residents. 

“We’re not getting help so we’re feeling helpless,” said one man.

Chief Ruszkowski said there have been almost 70 people shot in the city and 8 homicides. However, he said unofficial data shows a decrease in type one crimes compared to last year.

“What I would like to hear is a plan from how this is going to be corrected,” said another homeowner. 

The department said it’s action plan for combatting crimes across the city include: a shooting response team, increasing community engagement, and expanding shot spotter. Currently, the southeast side does not have the system which tracks city shootings. 

Chief Ruszkowski and Councilman Teksha urged people to stay engaged.

“We need to give each other grace,” Teksha said. “Thank you guys for giving these guys grace and working so well together tonight, I want to see that continue.”

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