Police: Dog shot after biting 6-year-old

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—According to South Bend Police, a dog was shot after biting a 6-year-old on Sunday.

Officers responded to the 400 block of S. Gladstone around 6 p.m. for reports of an animal bite and someone shooting a dog.

Officers found a 6-year-old boy with a cut on his head. The boy’s father reported shooting at the dog as he thought the dog was going for the boy’s neck, police said.

The dog was reportedly shot in the paw, according to police.

The boy was taken to the hospital and the dog was taken to an emergency veterinarian.

According to police, the dog’s owner reported that the dog was let out accidentally and started running around as she and a family member chased it, along with the 6-year-old.

The owner also told police that the dog bit the 6-year-old, police said.

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