Police investigating "racially charged" social media chat between students

The St. Joseph Department of Public Safety is investigating a private social media chat between a group of Upton Middle School students that is says included racially charged comments.

The Department of Public Safety says it received a snapshot of the conversation that was held on private devices.

There were no specific threats made and weapons were not mentioned, according to Mark Clapp from the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety.

The St. Joseph Department of Public Safety is investigating in cooperation with Upton Middle School and the Berrien County Prosecutors office.

The principal of Upton Middle School, Chad Mandarino, released the following statement.

On Monday evening at between 9:35 P.M.-10:14 P.M. a small group of students made very inappropriate racial comments on a social media site called “KiK’.  This was done on a privately owned device.  A student made our Dean of Students aware of the comments; it was investigated immediately, and then turned over to the authorities who we continue to cooperate with.  As always safety and security of all of our students at Upton Middle School is our #1 concern.  

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