Police investigating Washington High School bomb threat

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The students and staff of Washington High School in South Bend are on high alert after a bomb threat Wednesday morning. 

Police say a science teacher at the school found a note on his desk in which its author threatened to blow up the school next Friday, March 16.
Curdin Gizewski has lived in neighborhood for 12 years and says this is not the first time a threat has been made at Washington High School.
"It's happened several times over the past, well since I have lived here, it's happened several times,"said Gizewski.
Police said one of the school's teachers arrived to school around 6:30 a.m., unlocked the door to his classroom and walked inside he found a note on his desk. Police said the vulgar note came from an angry student. In the note, the student made derogatory comments about the rules and assistant principal. On the back the note, a threat that the school would be blown up on March 16.
Still, neighbors like Gizewski think it is just an empty threat. "I think it is somebody being idiotic, who just needs to grow up".
The school immediately reported the threat to authorities and now police are investigating. Real or not, Gizewski says the student who did this needs to be held accountable, saying violence is never the answer.
"If your upset about it, take it to somebody else. Go talk to somebody. Threatening people isn't going to help you".
A student at the school told ABC57 News that just last week another bomb threat was made and he says the same student who made the first bomb threat is rumored to also be behind this latest threat.

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