Police: La Porte County man seriously injured after being pinned under a tree

Shortly after 7:00 p.m. Saturday, La Porte County Sheriff's Deputies along with Springfield Township Firefighters and La Porte County EMS crews were dispatched to the 8300 block of County Road 600 West  in regards to a person being injured by a falling tree.

When they arrived on the scene, police say they found a 34-year-old man trapped underneath a tree.

According to officials, several firefighters and deputies attempted to lift the tree off of the victim but were unsuccessful due to the size and weight of the tree. The tree was reportedly around 18" in diameter.

Police say they called Michigan City Firefighters to assist and, along with the Springfield Township Firefighters, they were able to use chainsaws to cut the tree enough to free the victim.

Authorities say the victim suffered a serious leg injury and was taken to Memorial Hospital in South Bend for treatment.

It was later learned that the victim was using a chainsaw to cut down trees when a tree he was cutting fell and trapped him. A friend of the victim witnessed the incident and called for help.

Crews say they were hampered by the distance from the road and the muddy terrain. Multiple emergency vehicles became stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out by a wrecker. 

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