Pope endorses same-sex civil unions

NOW: Pope endorses same-sex civil unions

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Catholic church leader, Pope Francis, made historic remarks on Wednesday in an interview in the new documentary film “Francesco,” declaring support for civil unions for same sex couples, saying that LGBTQ individuals have the right to be in a family.

“Quite honestly I was shocked. And surprised, pleasantly so to hear that coming from the pope from the Catholic Church itself,” LGBTQ Center Executive Director H.R Jung said.

“I’m happy about it I think that I’ve always liked Pope Francis and I consider him one of the more progressive popes that Catholic Churches ever had, and I’m really pleased that he’s officially endorsed it,” South Bend Resident Claire Soisson said.

The documentary, also features Francis speaking on other issues, including the environment, poverty, migration, and discrimination.

While folks praised his remarks, they said that they do expect to see some controversy boiling in the near future. However, controversy or not, they see this announcement as a major next step for LGBTQ communities both locally and nationally.

“In over the last several decades as the LGBTQ movement has grown, the stance from the Catholic Church has been one of opposition to the idea of LGBTQ equality when it comes to same sex marriage or civil unions,” H.R Jung said. “My hope is that this will lead to you know other churches, other cardinals and arch bishops and the bishops, and the clergy to kind of take a change on this and even the people.”

Francis suggested in past interviews that he isn’t against civil unions; however, this is the first time he has come out in favor of them, making him the first Pope to ever endorse same sex civil unions.

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