Porch pirates hit Goshen

NOW: Porch pirates hit Goshen

GOSHEN, Ind. — Porch pirates targeted two Goshen apartments just feet away from each other stealing two packages and a check.

Goshen Police was called Friday after Shannon Young realized a check she was waiting on did not arrive.

This happened on the 100 block of South Seventh Street.

“We’ve had bikes stolen, we’ve had grills stolen and now or mail,” Young said.

Young has been living on the same street for quite some time and has seen her share of thieves. She says, she’s tired of it. 

She contacted the post office once her check didn’t arrive and asked about the delivery. They told Young it was delivered, but she never received it.

Young wasn’t alone, just a few feet away from her doorstep is her neighbor who also contacted police after they realized they were missing two packages as well.

“My husband had to screw all of our windows shut.  Had to put a chain on the just because of the neighborhood that we live in,” Young said.

Young said the area is becoming worse due to drugs and with addicts willing to do anything to get money.

“I feel like you can’t keep anything on this street anymore," said Young. "If you want to keep something then you literally have to keep it on your person."

ABC 57 reached out to Goshen Police and they told us two tips on how to prevent porch pirates from attacking you.

1.    Ask a person you trust to check your mailbox daily if you are not home.

2.    If anticipating a package in your absence, have you package sent your friend or family members home.

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