Porch pirates steal package with dog's ashes

NOW: Porch pirates steal package with dog’s ashes

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Christmas might be over, but porch pirates are still on the loose. While most are on the hunt for packages that contain expensive items -- for one Mishawaka woman the package stolen from her front door contained her late dog Rio’s ashes.

Now she's hoping the thief will bring back the package that might not be worth much financially, but to her, is priceless.

“Even though he was weak you know, he just knew that he was there to protect me and that was his job and he did that to the very end of his time," said Cristina Kedik.

Kedik was the mom of ten-year-old Rio, a chihuahua she rescued back in 2019. He was known for always protecting his mom, even until his final moments last month as he fought pancreatitis.

“It was really hard because he was momma’s boy. He was by my side, he was my shadow," said Kedik.

For Cristina the loss was devastating because she never had any children and thought of Rio as her son. Working long hours trying to grieve — she expected his ashes to arrive at her Mishawaka apartment.

“It was like the day before thanksgiving so we knew the holiday would play a factor. So we gave it time, we didn’t want to be in a rush and I always have all the faith in humanity," said Kedik.

But the ashes never arrived. After giving UPS a call Kedik learned the package was delivered, causing her to realize someone stole it from her front porch.

“Unfortunately I think someone got scared once they realized what it was and just possible just discard it and which is fine I’ve come to terms with that. For me and my sake, I have to forgive them because if not it’s just going to ruin me," said Kedik.

Although she’s come to terms that Rio may never find his way back home, she hopes the person who stole the package might fess up.

She’s using the experience to start a non-profit to help cover tracking costs for future grieving pet owners so they don’t go through the same loss.

“You know not everything that you steal is of value. I can’t replace this. This isn’t something that I can you know complain to amazon you know or whomever. This was near and dear to my heart," said Kedik.

If you know anything about this missing package you are encouraged to contact Michiana Crimestoppers.

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