Postal Service sees shipment delays before the holidays

NOW: Postal Service sees shipment delays before the holidays


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. — With the holiday season fast approaching, you may have noticed that mail packages are arriving later than usual. It’s another obstacle in the year 2020 and it could interfere with the holiday season.

Mary Dando, a spokesperson with the U.S Postal Service of the Greater Indiana District said the delays are caused by a combination of COVID-19 and the holiday season rush.

“Everyone is reporting huge numbers, you know and you see it yourself. You’ll see the mail carrier in your neighborhood, will probably have a vehicle that is absolutely full of packages and may have to do a second run,” Dando said.

The holiday season has always been a buys time for mail deliveries, but this year, with the ongoing pandemic, the post-service has seen a considerable influx of packages and letters being mailed in.

To help minimize possible delays, Dando said there are two things people should do. First, make sure you have the right zip code on the package, and second, put the address and return address with a telephone number inside the package. This is to ensure that if anything was to happen to the label, they’ll still have your information.

“We are working through it and to make sure that the packages, that everybody receives their packages and their letters and they all get home by the holidays,” Dando said

Customers should reach out to their local post office if they are experiencing delays or issues. To ensure the mail gets delivered in time for the holidays, the USPS recommends that people send in their packages early.

“Dates are for estimation delivery before December 25 because of the holidays. The big one is December 15, that’s for letters and cards, December 18, is for first-class packages, not a priority, and December 19, is for priority mail and December 23, that’s for priority mail express,” Dando said.

Holiday Shipping Deadlines:

December 15: USPS Retail Grounds Service

December 18: First Class Mail Service (includes cards, letters and first-class packages)

December 19: Priority Mail Services

December 23: Priority Mail Express

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