Power outages affecting drivers, businesses, residents

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Power crews are working overtime to restore power lost in Monday night’s storms. Near Ironwood Drive and Cleveland Road in South Bend, power outages are affecting drivers, businesses and residents.

"Cleveland and Ironwood without stoplights is not good at all. It’s just a hassle to get through,” said driver Grant Marzke.

The drive home Monday night was an adventure.

"You're just zig zagging [sic] down the road to get past the trees that had fallen,” said Gloria Chubb.

Once Chubb made it to her home on Chipstead Drive, she saw the tree that fell on her house.

"The chimney blocks have fallen from the fireplace chimney, the back yard is really bad,” said Chubb.

Out back her electric box was ripped off the wall, along with siding.

Chubb says the wind even opened a window.

Power crews have been out knocking down and cutting down limbs tangled in power lines.

"We want to get the most number of customers up as quickly as we can,” said Barry Visel, IMP Manager Community Relations.

Those without power have to wait.

"We knocked it down last night a bit and then we had some storms come through this morning and the number is back up to 29,000 the last I heard,” said Visel.

IMP says Michigan and Elkhart should all get power back by Wednesday night.

The greater South Bend area will have to wait until midnight Friday.

There are 200 Midwest Energy Cooperative members without power as of 4 p.m. Tuesday. They anticipate most members will have service restored this evening.

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