Pregnant woman given wrong RSV vaccine

NOW: Pregnant woman given wrong RSV vaccine

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. - A Walgreens in Southwest Michigan administered the wrong RSV vaccine to a pregnant woman, the Herald Palladium reports. 

RSV, a common respiratory virus causing cold-like symptoms, can vary in risk person to person. 

Some recover in a few weeks, others can be hospitalized. 

Two vaccines are available to protect adults from severe RSV symptoms: GSK's AREXVY, FDA approved for ages 60 and older, and Pfizers' Abryvso, safe to be administered during pregnancy. 

"Abrysvo is the only RSV vaccine recommended during pregnancy," said the CDC

Abrysvo is given in the 32-to-36-week period of pregnancy, administered before or during the RSV season. 

If administered during pregnancy, maternal antibodies, according to Abrysvo, can be passed on, helping lower a baby's risk of RSV from birth to six months.

The Herald Palladium writes, "Dr. Rex Cabaltica, Berrien County medical director, told members of the Berrien County Board of Health on Wednesday that there have been several errors throughout the state made by pharmacies."

Dr. Rex Cabaltica declined an interview with ABC57.

The woman who received the wrong vaccine is reportedly being monitored. 

Respiratory illness can be serious in infants and older adults, but currently only a monoclonal antibody, nirsevimab, is available for infants eight months or younger during their first RSV season or children eight to 19 months at severe risk or in their second RSV season. 

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