Printing company helping graduates celebrate milestones during pandemic

NOW: Printing company helping graduates celebrate milestones during pandemic

PLYMOUTH, Ind.— A local printing company is making physical signs of love and support for our seniors and graduates!

Bowen Printing has been a staple in the Plymouth community since 1943.

“It was kinda you get ink in your blood and you just continue on!" says owner, Dawn Smith.

That is 77 years of dedication to making and spreading information for Michiana families and businesses all from a family owned and run business.

Even though the pandemic has caused many local businesses to shut down, fortunatly Bowen was able to stay open because they are in the same location as a FedEx shipping center.

So when a local mom came into the store 2 weeks ago, asking for a way to honor her graduating son, Smith knew she and the company could help.

“The yard signs just took off like crazy" says Smith "So many parents were just devastated for their kids since they can’t have the graduations or it’ll be delayed or just aren’t sure what’s going on.”

After helping one parent, Smith took to Facebook knowing she could fill even more families needs with yard signs.

"One Facebook post and we were up to 700 shares!" says Smith.

Now, Bowen is using their printing abilities to help families show support to their graduating loved ones in a new way.

“Well we’ve never done senior yard signs before I’ve never actually seen senior yard signs before so this is totally a new thing" says Smith "And as of now I’ve done 1100 signs.” 

In two weeks time the Bowen team has produced signs for families and businesses all over Michiana and the United States.

Local school systems like John Glenn and Fairfield have reached out voicing their interest in buying signs for their graduating seniors.

"We’ve even gotten calls from update New York, Washington State, Nevada, so we have been shipping signs all over the country" says Smith.

No matter where the signs end up, the message still rings the same for each one.

“The parents just wanted to show how proud they were of their kids" says Smith.

Smith hopes that other businesses and people generally continue this trend of thinking of how to help others in time of crisis long after the pandemic ends.

“This is going to be a changed world after this and hopefully a kinder world" says Smith "Hopefully you think more about other people and where everyone’s at, I mean we are all on the same level when it comes to this.”

With just $12 you are able to buy a full color, double sided yard sign with your graduates name, school, and a simple message all to show how proud you are of them.

This is a simple way to give that support to our kids and remind them you are so proud of their continued achievements.

If you are interested in buying a sign for your own graduate you still can!

You can get a hold of Bowen Printing:

- by calling 574-936-3924.

-through email at [email protected]

- via Facebook messenger through their page called Bowen Printing

- Through their website at

- Or by an appointment directly in the store located at 200 S. Michigan Street, Plymouth, Ind. 46563

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