David Benac running for seat in Michigan's 6th District

NOW: David Benac running for seat in Michigan’s 6th District

David Benac, a history professor from Western Michigan University, is one of several democrats running for Michigan's 6th Congressional District seat.

He's originally from Alpena, Michigan but moved to Kalamazoo after teaching in Louisiana.

He's a progressive Democrat who supported Bernie Sanders in the presidential race.

He says his campaign is about more than opposing Congressman Fred Upton

"This is not a campaign against Fred. It's a campaign to get the right person in that seat. Really I believe in post-partisan politics. So I think that the way we approach this that is most productive is let's take a look at each individual idea; let's not say it's Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green, that doesn't matter. Let's take each individual idea, and then let's have a discussion, a real, true discussion, about whether or not this Idea is good for the people. And if it's good for the people, then I don't care where it comes from," Benac said.

Benac joins at least 4 other Democrats going up against Upton who has held his seat in Congress for 30 years.

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