Professor, psychologist offers insight on Dallas shootings

Thursday night’s deadly attack on Dallas police officers is sparking a conversation right here in Michiana.

On Thursday, ABC 57 spoke with an IUSB professor and psychologist, Dr. Dé Bryant, who offered her insight on this complicated situation.

She says last night’s attack in Dallas that left 5 officers dead was tragic but not surprising.

“Violence is often the easiest way, unfortunately we get taught that violence is the easiest way,” said Bryant.

Thursday night’s massacre of five Dallas officers sent shockwaves throughout much of the nation.

Bryant, director of the Social Action Project at IUSB says it was perhaps, inevitable.

“It’s tragic that we’ve gotten to the point where we are right now in the last 72 hours but it’s not necessarily surprising because of all the clear signs we’ve seen developing,” said Bryant.

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