Prom dates pulled from a hat

FREEPORT, Ill. -- Imagine pulling a number out of a hat, and instead of it being a number, it's your prom date!

At a school in Illinois, prom is more of a community event than a date night.

All the boys names at the high school are place into a hat and one by one the girls pull names out of the hat.

It makes prom dates completely random and spontaneous, and the teachers think it's a great way to do things.

Tracie Dantuma, a teacher at the highschool said, "There are only 50 kids who go to our prom so it makes it nice everybody has a date even if they're wallflowers or the most gregarious kids, they all get somebody they can call as their date."

After the girls pull their date's names out of the hat, the boys ask them to be their date in unique and creative ways.



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