Promenade to Prom gives free dresses to girls

NOW: Promenade to Prom gives free dresses to girls


PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- One local group of girls wants to make sure other girls in the community can go to prom without having to worry about the cost.

The ladies of Tri Kappa in Plymouth are hosting the Promenade to Prom event this Saturday where, with a valid high school ID, girls can pick out a free prom dress.

This allows many girls who otherwise couldn’t afford the opportunity to go to prom, like Tristan Webb, to go.

Webb is a Senior at Plymouth High School.

“I can’t really afford a prom dress,” Webb said, who works a part-time job while also going to high school. “I have bills to pay, I have to keep food in the house between me and my mom and my animals, just a lot of responsibilities to keep up with.”

This is the second year Web is going to Plymouth High School’s prom and both times she didn’t have to pay for a dress, thanks to Promenade to Prom.

“I honestly don’t think if promenade to prom wasn’t around that I would go to prom,” Webb said.

Stacey Jackson, Promenade for Prom’s 2019 chairwoman, said helping girls like Tristan is the goal.

“I think there were instances in our community where there were young people who knew who weren’t going to be able to attend prom,” Jackson said. “And we know how exciting that is for those of us that have attended and this has become an opportunity for them to pick out a very nice dress.”

The free prom dress event will be held on Saturday  from 9 a.m. to noon at Ancilla College.

“This allows for young people in the community to be able to go to prom to experience that but in a situation where it doesn’t prevent them to from participating just do to cost,” Jackson said.

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