Prostesters pleading to stop enterprise center

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Concerned citizens wrapped up a protest in front of the Saint Joseph County City Building after voicing their oppositions to the new Indiana Enterprise Center. 

Planned to be built just off of the border of New Carlisle, the mega complex is already budgeted to cost an estimated $3.5 million of grant and tax payer money.

It will provide jobs and housing for several companies looking for a place to set up in the northwest.

The estimated 7,200 acres of land was sought after for its close location to highways, water, and other factors necessary to power the numerous companies the commission is hoping to attract. 

However, some locals like Garrett Blad feel that this venture would cause more harm than good. 

"And this would devastate precious farm land it would potentially contaminate our aquifer which is the largest in the state and it would ruin the way of life that people have moved here specifically to have," Blad said.

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