Protesters demanding more urgent action on climate change

NOW: Protesters demanding more urgent action on climate change

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Activists gathered today to demand urgent action on the local level here in South Bend.

Friday morning students, Sunrise Movement of South Bend advocates, and residents gathered in the newly renovated Howard Park to hold a climate strike.

They held signs saying "this is an emergency" which was their motto after reading the UN's recent release during the International Climate Conference. UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, was at the conference in Madrid where he told reporters, "The point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is in sight and hurtling towards us."

This message pushed the 50 plus community members to march with hand written letters all the way to Mayor Pete Buttgieg's office demanding change at the local level.

The rally members said the best case scenario of today's rally would be for a new Green Deal to pass either in Buttgieg's or Mueller's administration.

This would include dropping the completion of complete carbon neutrality date from 2050 down to 2030--making for a more aggressive approach.

With this message in mind, activists piled into elevators and handed their letters to one of the mayor's interns who was listening and taking notes on the messages from the public.

In a statement from Mark Bode, the city's spokesman, he says, "Under Mayor Pete Buttgieg's leadership, the City of South Bend has prioritized sustainability and action to address the climate change crisis. From constructing the first LEED-certified South Bend city government buildings, to implementing green infrastructure in neighborhoods throughout the area, to responding to historic flooding caused by climate change, the mayor has lead from the front on climate. The City's Climate Action Plan, which is supported by the Common Council, sets aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in South Bend. The plan will be a living document responsive to changing circumstances, but includes near-term benchmarks to drive early action by local stakeholders."

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