Protests for man injured following encounter with Michigan City Police

NOW: Protests for man injured following encounter with Michigan City Police

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. --- Holding signs saying Black Lives Matter -- dozens demonstrated outside Michigan City Hall after seeing photos of Tahir Kell’s injuries.

Even after Michigan City Police released body cam footage – protestors still question to official narrative, asking police to release more video and re-evaluate use of force policies.

“He did get tased. He may have fell on his face, but it did not cause all those injuries. All his teeth out of his mouth. Lips bust, it’s ridiculous. Our police officers they shouldn’t be like that," said Carolyn Moore, Resident.

Outrage, tears, and a call for more investigation at a peaceful protest, following Tahir Kelly’s brutal injuries from an encounter with Michigan City Police.

Body cam footage shows officers questioning Kelly.

Once an officer reaches for handcuffs, Kelly takes off.

Police tase him, but the family believes that’s not all that happened.

“Okay, he fell on the ground I’ve fallen on the ground. I’ve fallen downstairs everything and my face is still intact. My brother is in a sling. My brother is out here looking crazy and I understand everybody want to you know say what they gotta say, and defend who they gotta defend, but come on now that’s my brother," said Ebony Bayley, Kelly's Sister.

Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry talked to protesters and offered well wishes to Kelly for a speedy recovery.

Parry says the officers were just following protocols, and supports the footage release to be fully transparent.

“You’ll see that it was police procedure, but unfortunately it happened rather than on soft grass it happened on a rough concrete surface," said Parry.

Some still want to see the city re-evaluate its use of force policies.

“We’ve got to trust our police. If they’re not protecting us you know who is going to protect us," said Brient Thomas, Resident and Member of LaPorte County NAACP.

Kelly is still in the hospital. Police are pursuing multiple charges against him.

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