Purvi Patel could be released soon

A recent court motion has cleared the way for Purvi Patel to be resentenced for neglect of a dependent. Last month, the Indiana Court of Appeals reversed her conviction of feticide and Class A neglect of a dependent.

The motion, filed August 25, requested the court to certify the appeals court decision because neither party filed a petition to transfer the case to the Indiana Supreme Court.

The court certified the opinion on August 29, freeing the case to be sent back to the St. Joseph County circuit court for Patel’s resentencing.

Patel’s original sentence was 20 years for neglect of a dependent and 6 years for feticide.

She could be sentenced to between 18 months and three years for the class D neglect of a dependent charge.

She has already served 17 months in prison, so depending on what sentence is imposed, she could be released after sentencing or within a few weeks of sentencing, according to the motion filed in court.

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