Rainfall causes flooding in South Bend neighborhood

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- There were very heavy downpours on the south side of South Bend Thursday. Residents of Chippewa Avenue are dealing with water two to three feet deep. They've been calling for help but there's little that can be done.

For Diane Thompson, Thursday's rain is a real cause for concern.

She has lived in the Chippewa Avenue neighborhood for about a decade and says flooded basements and trapped cars are becoming more common.

"This is the second time in just a few months that we've had this type of flooding," said Thompson.

Overburdened with storm water, the neighborhood drains just couldn't handle it. The rainwater went into nearby yards and streets.

"I just live a couple blocks down, but I'm glad it's not me," said Anna Amos.

"I usually zip right through to Twyckenham, but this is bad. This is really bad," said Elton Stephens.

Stephens considered passing through, but knew better.

"No way man, this is too deep. I don't want to get my car stuck, and I don't want to get my feet wet with everything else," said Stephens.

With more rain expected neighbors fear for the worst.

Thompson isn't sure how much longer her basement will stay dry.

"We need you to look what's going on in our area. With the sewer problems, just please, we need the help," said Thompson.

The street department is aware of the problem, but they say they can only do so much. They have unclogged some drains, but the area will likely be flooded for a couple more days.

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