Rare luxury car collection set to be auctioned in Elkhart this weekend

NOW: Rare luxury car collection set to be auctioned in Elkhart this weekend

ELKHART, Ind. --- Luxury, luxury, and more luxury. If you have any spare change lying around, make your way to the Elkhart Airport this weekend for the Sotheby's two-day auto auction. 

The collection features over 240 rare vehicles that are in pristine condition. With multiple vehicles valued over $1,000,000, the bidding wars are set to hit high numbers. Auctioneers like Sheila McDonald mentioned she is not worried as much about the numbers as she is the competition. 

"I'm hoping that there's not a lot of bidders on the ones that I have my eye on so that we can get the vehicle we are looking for," said McDonald. 

The auction that was originally scheduled for May, but with circumstances surrounding Covid-19 the event was rescheduled to this weekend. All vehicles have been kept in pristine condition with every brand from Ferrari to Bugatti available to find a new home. Even those not planning on buying a vehicle had to come and check out the collection to get an idea of what their dream car feels like. 

"We saw all the different cars and a lot of them were some of our favorite and dream cars, so we came out here just to see what they were like and get a real feel for them," said resident Daniel Mocanu.

Auctioneers bidding on vehicles have been informed this auction has no reserves. Meaning, when reserves are in place there is a minimum price set that must be met for the sale to commence. Not to say an Aston Martin could go for one dollar, that would be unlikely, but no reserves essentially mean no price floor is set to be met.

What won't be in the reserve is the number of people at the auction, like Mcdonald, who is thrilled to just have something like this in Indiana. 

"To be able to come and be apart of such a big auction in our area, it is not just every day this kind of thing comes to Indiana," said McDonald. 

Even taking it a step further there are plenty who are using the auction as motivation for their future.

"It makes me want to motivate myself more, to get a great job and make great money so then I can bring one of these home one day," said resident Chandler Vanosdol.

The auction officially begins on Friday at 10 AM and continues Saturday at 10 AM with doors opening at 9 AM. 

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