Remembering Buchanan High School's Coach Foster

When kiddos grow up, it is important they have good role models. Current and former students at Buchanan High School are remembering a role model who made a big impact.

Robert Foster, better known as Coach Foster to his students and players, coached at Buchanan High School for many years.

“He really encompassed what a coach was as far as a life coach. ‘Hey you know, you got to do this, you got to watch for that, and you got to get better and get the people around you better,’” said Tim Carrigan who is a Coach and Buchanan High School graduate who played for Coach Foster.

He started at the high school in the 70's and taught history and coached football. At some point he also coached at Clay High School and refereed wrestling for 30 years. Foster left an impact on those he taught and coached.

“As a young child I didn’t have a grandpa because they both passed away so when I got to high school, he kind of filled in that role for me,” said
Max Carrigan, who is a Senior at Buchanan High School.

Both Max and his father Tim played under Coach Foster.

“He was the one to push me. Always running I would be the last one running but Coach Foster would be ‘come on, you got it’ so he stepped in as that role for pushing me as a coach,” said Max.

“The thing about Bob is that he was always a coach. Even at the end, every time I would go visit, he always had some type of article for me to read about Gettysburg, or about the Steelers, or my favorite baseball team,” said Tim.

When Foster was in high school, he wrestled and was also on the football and baseball teams. He received a football and wrestling scholarship to Indiana State University.

Foster passed away on July 9th at the age of 65 after having complications from myelofibrosis, a type of Leukemia.

A Celebration of Life will be held sometime in the near future. Condolences can be made here.

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