Representative Jackie Walorski tours flooded Elkhart neighborhoods

NOW: Representative Jackie Walorski tours flooded Elkhart neighborhoods

ELKHART, Ind. -- Representative Jackie Walorski took a tour of the damage in Elkhart Thursday.

While she toured the area, she assured those living there that they will receive help.

“If you live in Goshen City call the Goshen Mayor’s Office -- and you'll see those numbers, if you live in Elkhart the same. Marshall County, the same. Elkhart Count, the same. This is when the work begins. As the waters are receding and the damage will be more visible, we want to make the case to bring federal dollars in here and to help with state dollars as well,” said Walorski.

Seeing flooded homes, streets, and parks were a part of Walorski's day.

Much of Elkhart saw damage and still faces street closures but the cleanup is in progress.

The representative says she reached out to FEMA to help.

“So I talked to the region 5 director in Chicago for the clean-up efforts for FEMA and they assured us that once this event is over they'll give folks from that period they'll give municipalities 30 days. You know buildings have to be checked out and structures have to be certified,” she said.

When the assessment is done Walorski says there will be a full recovery effort.

There is a 30-day window to report damages that residents are urged to use.

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