Residents of Golfview Manor apartments in Bristol fed up with conditions

BRISTOL, Ind. -- People living in one Bristol apartment complex say they are fed up with the living conditions there. 

We spoke with several tenants who have no air conditioning, water pouring in through their doors, and at least one person who has black standing water inside their dishwasher giving off a smell you wouldn’t believe. 

The owner of the complex tells ABC57, all work orders that are communicated to them have a 24 hour turnaround and if things have gone unfixed -- it’s because they don’t know about them. 

ABC57 went out to investigate the claims firsthand.

Gabriella Sailor and Hannah Reames have been neighbors for just over three months. They moved in to the Golfview Manor Apartments off Vistula street in Bristol this past march.

The pair have quite a bit in common. Both are raising little kids, both are living on their own for the first time and are both dealing with  what they call a nightmare living situation.

"We have fans running all the time," said Gabriella. 

That's because the air conditioning isn't working.

"I bought that about a month ago, because it was 98 degrees in here with the windows open and fans on," said Hannah. "So I had to buy that so we could even live here."

They were told the air conditioners would be working by June 1. Then signs went up saying June 8. As of June 12 Hannah still was without AC.

That's not the only problem.

"First is our dishwasher that we tried working once and as you can tell it's disgusting," said Gabriella. "We turned it on and it started flooding onto the kitchen floor so we turned it off and it's been sitting water like that ever since. "

There was also a noticeable smell when the door was open.

"Yeah, smells horrid," said Gabriella.

Hannah's dishwasher had the same problem.

Both have also lost more than a hundred dollars-worth of groceries because their refrigerators went out. Gabriella's has been broken since may 22nd.

"They've tried to come fix it multiple times," said Gabriella. "Each time they say  -- we'll get a part, we'll come back'. They never do."

The problems don't stop there. The hallways have broken closet doors with some containing electrical boxes inside.

One hallway also had what Appears to be mold.

"The smell is so overwhelming," said Gabriella.

In the laundry room, they showed pointed out extension cords laying on the floor in standing water and a water heater with exposed wiring and insulation falling off.

Gabriella is even afraid to let her kids play outside her own apartment. The support beams for the balcony above are coming out of place.

"I feel like it could fall like any minute," said Gabriella. "I mean it's barely hanging on."

It's not just their apartments. Another tenant has been dealing with a patio door that leaks every time it rains. The carpet still wet from the last time it rained. He says it’s been like that since he moved in three months ago. He’s now been told it will be fixed by Friday.

Elkhart county code enforcement says it’s investigated multiple complaints at the apartments and usually issues are corrected during inspection.

After searching through property records i found the complex is owned by a company called Bayview Properties out of Aurora, Illinois.  I tracked down a number and called the owner - he did not wish to comment any further.

"I feel like I got duped," said Gabriella. "They seemed nice. I figured they were well kept, because this was a clean place. But it just started one thing after the other."

With nowhere else to go Gabriella plans to stick it out hoping improvements will be made.

As for Hannah she's already got a place lined up and plans to be out in three weeks, but the apartment wants two month’s rent to break the lease.

At $695 a month that's $1,390 she just can't afford. 

"I don't think they were worthy of the first five month’s rent," said Hannah. "so why should I pay two to leave?"

These residents weren’t the only people there dealing with issues. Several other tenants have come forward with similar stories and experiences. 

Owners say, any tenants with issues need to make it known and ensure a work order has been done. 

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