Residents preparing for heavy rain and flood possibilities

NOW: Residents preparing for heavy rain and flood possibilities

PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- High rainfall totals are expected over the weekend throughout Michiana and some areas could experience flooding.

Flood waters hit areas of Michiana hard in February of 2018. While predictions are not as high as the rainfall in 2018, Plymouth officials recommend taking steps of precaution.

“To watch the waters rise and rise and rise while it’s raining around you is a very powerless feeling,” said Angie Rupchock-Schafer, a resident of Plymouth.

Rupchock-Schafer lives near the Yellow River in Plymouth and high rainfall waters completely flooded the area surrounding her home.

The flood inspired Rupchock-Schafer to assist with recovery efforts during that period of time when Plymouth was hit the hardest.

“We sand-bagged for hours and hours,” said Rupchock-Schafer.

Mark Senter, Mayor of Plymouth, planned to call a meeting on Friday morning to discuss the best method to prepare ahead of the weekend.

“Everyone always talked about the Plymouth flood of ’54, but we blew them out of the water…so, ’54 will be able to have nothing on 2018,” said Senter.

Senter said the entire community is willing to help one another during a difficult time.

“You just see the whole community coming together, whether it’s volunteering to just fill sand bags or whether it’s neighbors helping neighbors,” said Senter.

Just mere inches of rain can make a substantial difference when it comes to flooding, so it is best to be prepared, according to Rupchock-Schafer.

“It’s not about if it’s going to happen again, it’s about when it’s going to happen again,” said Linda Yoder, Executive Director of United Way Marshall County.

Rupchock-Schafer said the city learned how to manage a flooding disaster of epic scope on the fly.

“We have all of those lines of communication open,” said Rupchock-Schafer. “We’re ready…we’re ready and we’re prepared. And if this turns into something that we need to, you know, start sand bagging for, we’ll be ready for it.”

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