Resilient defense is key to Notre Dame win

Notre dame in the win column with a 39-10 victory over Nevada, and while getting embarrassed last week against Texas, the defense returned to form and built confidence going in to next week.

"When we take it out there and it doesn't show, it hurts your confidence. So when we took it out today and we actually executed, it gave us a lot of confidence going forward," said Jarron Jones, Notre Dame defensive lineman.

Head Coach Brian Kelly weighed in on the win. 

"We needed some confidence too so that fourth down stop was definitely a confidence builder for our defense. I think that really gave us some momentum going into the next couple of drives. You know obviously got caught into some personnel mismatches last week against the tempo of Texas so we've made some adjustments there and we feel pretty good that we'll continue to make the progress necessary to be a good front seven," said Kelly.

“It lets us know that we're capable of being a dominant defense when we want to be so to have this game under our belt, it gives us confidence going into Michigan State and I feel like if we do the things we want to do against Michigan State, I feel like everything will take care of itself for the rest of the season,” added Jones.

The defense will celebrate tonight but Coach Kelly said they get 24 hours before they move on to Michigan State, right here at Notre Dame Stadium. Kickoff time is 7:30 p.m. At Notre Dame Stadium, 

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