Rice University student turns dorm room into ball pit

Finding a computer, TV or refrigerator in a dorm room wouldn't be a big surprise, but what one Rice University student added to his dorm room caused a stir.

David Nichol turned his dorm room into a ball pit.

David got the idea last semester and paid $500 for 13,000 plastic balls.

Just like any good ball pit, there are rules.

"No food or drinks, if you make out you get out and no peeing,” said David.

Rice University says after some initial concerns, they'll let David keep his ball pit.

To make room for the balls, David had to move his desk, a dresser and other items into a common space that he shares with his three roommates.

He does have two drawers left in the room to keep clothing, but the room primarily serves as a place to sleep, read and to relax with friends in the ball pit.

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